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Stack Chasers was created by developers, for developers. For a long time we searched for a good remote working job board focused on developers and engineers. It turns out not many good ones existed, so Stack Chasers was born.

Need you ask? :) - Well ok, for those not too versed in our world. As software engineers we can spend a great deal of time looking at stack traces (LMGTFY), and sometimes as contractors we find ourselves chasing certain jobs. Thus Stack Chasers was born.

It's quite simple really, most people fill their positions within 30 days of a job being posted. Other market research we have conducted has backed this up. So, rather than having a very cluttered job board, why not have a clean one you can browse.

Well.. I think you probably know the answer to this. But to explain, our slack channels are there for people to look for work, share ideas and become a community. So, be nice :) - Enjoy our community of developers world wide, it's a great place to be.

All of our payments are processed via Stripe. Payments are PSD2 & PCIDSS compliant. If you have any concerns please get in touch.

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