Why Working From Home Is Good For You, Others & The Environment

The growing trend of jobs that allow working from home in the UK has risen astronomically over the last few years. This is especially true for Software Engineers and Developers. Internet access is pretty much global, meanwhile, computer equipment is condensing yet ever more powerful, thus, creating a portable office. As such, Software Engineers and Developers, who work solely on a computer, can work remotely with ease and convenience.

With the insane amount of apps and tools to make remote Developer work viable, the next stage is to convey why it should be positively encouraged. Not only does it follow suit in the current climate with regards to environmental concerns, but also acts alongside the progressive workforce that is becoming inundated with Millennials. This new generation demands freedom, flexibility and a focus on well-being from their employers. So, there is an increased call for Software Engineering and Developer jobs that allow working from home in the UK.

Remote Working Is Good For You

For Developers and Software Engineers working from home in the UK, the need for absolute concentration is pivotal in completing tasks to the best of their ability. Escaping the racket of the office (even if working from home is restricted to once or twice a week) is a huge relief. The chance to work to your own schedule, within your chosen environment, and with the absent need to get up, get ready and face the dreary commuter journey is enough to make any Developer want to work from home.

Instead, you may wake up refreshed from a full night’s sleep, you are able to casually set yourself up while enjoying the home you work to live in. For those who are looking at starting a family, the prospect of working from home is enormous. Firstly, the need to live on maternity or paternity pay becomes less of a concern. Secondly, and more importantly, the requirement to return to work is redundant. More quality time is spent with the little one!

Alternatively, if working remotely, you simply open your laptop, log in to the designated apps and accounts, and proceed. The beauty in this circumstance is the ability to work as you travel; everyone's ultimate dream.

In either case, remote Software Engineers and Developers will have more time in their schedule. This inevitably leads to more productivity. Rather than being weighed down by a stressful schedule that demands time before having even started work, tasks are approached with calmness and appreciation that derives from achieving time for oneself.

Working From Home Is Beneficial To Others

The 9-5 working week is a dying ambition, and there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all methodology when it comes to an optimal working schedule. Consequently, working remotely abroad or working from home in the UK is not only beneficial to the employee. Employers who encourage their workforce to work away from the office are conveying a very positive message. There is a clear emphasis on employee morale while simultaneously acknowledging and tackling ecological anxieties. In addition, businesses that embody a more flexible, modern working culture allow this message to transfer to how clients and customers view the company.

Furthermore, in a world that is becoming increasingly dog-eat-dog, employers strive for the best of the best. Boasting remote work as a perk of the role for advanced Software Engineers and Developers will work entirely in an employer’s favour. In one hand, it appeals to those who desire to work remotely (if you are looking for remote work, check out our jobs board!). In the other, you may now appeal to Developers residing on the other side of the world. Competition is steep!

Finally, shifting to a ‘hot desk’ environment, a business may lower its investments in greater office space. With many employees working from home, the need to fulfil happiness demands in-office is no longer a necessity; remote workers are now rewarded with the ultimate perk of not even having to be there! As such, remote working is incredibly advantageous for your company bank account.

How Working From Home Counteracts The Environmental Crisis

Allowing employees to work from home is not only kind to the employer’s bank balance. It is also incredibly important for counteracting the environmental crisis. Where there is a lesser demand for office space and central living, there is a reduced need to tear through city centres to construct glossy, tall, impending building structures that will inevitably breed traffic jams and over-crowding.

Inspiring Developers and Software Engineers to work remotely will tackle the environmental crisis with ferocity. Allowing the ability to work from home would take millions of cars off the road. The daily pollution that is emitted from transportation globally is literally lethal; the toxic gasses that pollute the air kill nearly 40,000 people in the UK yearly (click here for more statistics). 60% of all UK car journeys are under 5 miles, which suggests commuting takes up a large proportion of this figure. Meanwhile, cars are one of the biggest contributors to global warming.

Though there are worldwide attempts at controlling and reversing the environmental crisis, more needs to be done; the impacts on our future are tremendous. Pioneering a work culture that is constructed by eager, ecologically minded, motivated individuals who are stimulated by their ability to work from home paves the way for a bright, exciting future.

Dip Your Toe In the Recruitment Pool

Stack Chaser’s ethos is born from the knowledge that remote working is a revolution that shapes three different spheres in society; the individual, the employer, and the environment. We are motivated to connect remote Software Engineers and Developers with forward-thinking employers who strive to recruit a remote task force. Click here  to view our designated and continually evolving jobs board!