Top Apps And Tools For A Remote Software Developer

With the progression of digital technology coming along leaps and bounds, it is becoming widely popular for software developers to work from home. Whether you are looking to hire remote developers or are a remote developer yourself, confidence in the ability to use the relevant apps and tools that will keep you each connected is imperative. Such apps and tools encourage business to continue moving forward through seamless collaboration and maintained communication among staff near and far. In this post, we will look at the best apps and tools for remote software developers.   

If becoming a remote worker is your aspiration, Stack Chasers strongly recommends you familiarise yourself with the forthcoming apps and tools. These additions to your CV will jump out at the employers who are looking to hire remote software developers.  



Think WhatsApp, but built for the office environment. With #hashtags, emojis and the ability to @tag, alongside designated client- or project-devoted group chats, instantaneous communication and straight-forward drag-and-drop image sharing, Slack is one of the coolest team chat apps in the industry.


Much like Slack, but with a self-professed ability to detract from ‘white noise’ conversations (which, as a remote software developer, is attractive). What Twist also has over Slack is the opportunity to route through and refer back to old conversations dating back years.

Meetings And Real-Time Video Chats

Google Hangouts:

Google Hangouts creates the digital space to hold both voice and video calls between two and ten colleagues. The beauty of using Google is that you can easily synch Hangouts across devices. This experience is further accentuated if your company uses Google Suite, as everything that you need as a remote developer is readily available in Drive.    


Going a few steps further than Hangouts, Zoom brings even more remote workers to the party with the capacity to host 1,000 video participants. Straightforward and all-encompassing as a tool for consistent operation, knowledge of Zoom is undoubtedly a box that should be ticked when approaching employers looking to hire remote software developers.

Project And Task Management


One of the most versatile and proficient tools (and in-app form) available for remote software developers. It provides the space to work in collaboration effortlessly through the designated and evolving board, list and card system. Trello also makes the organisation and prioritisation of tasks within a project clear as day. Furthermore, Trello has a great corresponding mobile app, so you can keep things moving while you’re on the go! 


Built for software developers. Every member along the journey of software development can plan, track and deliver projects from start to finish. Such a holistic and tailorable approach to teamwork awards both office-based and remote developers a space to produce a consistent workflow with ultimate results. 


Simple and straight-forward with an emphasis for providing remote teams the opportunity to track and manage tasks through aligned goals and the creation of visual project plans. Asana creates a comfortable, clear and manageable project structure for all the team whether working remotely or in office. 

Synergy And Shared Storage

Google Drive:

As featured earlier, Google Suite doesn’t need much of an introduction. Google Drive simply accentuates the ability to work collaboratively from a stock of company-produced documents, spreadsheets, presentations and calendars (etc etc!!) all in one safe, secure environment on both browser and app. All you need is a Google account.


For remote devs who frequently share projects with guests or clients, Basecamp brings you all together through smart management software. Basecamp de-scatters a client project, as the client in question can easily offer opinions, tweaks and be part of the structure planning via Basecamp. 


Both in app form and via browser, and a favourite for remote software developers; Dropbox labels itself the world’s first smart workspace, and this is totally justified. Dropbox allows you to wade through the chaos that becomes a shared workspace, and delivers you to the place you need to be to get your work done effectively. It encourages organisation, motivation and team synchronicity through file storage and sharing. Dropbox is evolving, so keep an eye on this tool as a necessity in remote software developing. 

Dev And Creatives


Cloud9 is an all-encompassing tool that hosts the developing techniques which makes it possible to code with just a browser. In addition, as Cloud9 is a cloud-based program, real-time team collaboration on code is effortless. This is particularly beneficial for remote software devs who may have limited resources while on the move. 


The ability to construct and communicate HTML/CSS and JavaScript across your team is effortless with CodePen. It’s modern, it’s structured, and it’s the ultimate in making sure the dev team, either remote or not, are all on the same page. In addition, CodePen makes the delivery of feedback and code previews instantaneous! As a remote software developer, feeling part of the team from miles away could not be more accessible. 

Tools To Nail Your Perfect Remote Software Developer Job

Understanding the plethora of online tools and apps is crucial to your success when nailing interviews (most likely orchestrated through a video chat app) with prospective employers. Highlighting your ability to work with flexibility and versatility will get you ahead of the game. However, maybe you’re not even on the pitch yet. To discover a constantly updated supply of employers looking to hire remote software developers, Stack Chasers is your ultimate tool. Our ever-evolving jobs board ensures you remain up to date with the latest and greatest opportunities in the industry! Click here to uncover your new remote software developer role!