How To Maintain A Healthy Wellbeing As A Remote Worker

Work is demanding, especially for a Dev. Though remote working is, on the most part, a huge advantage, it does come with certain conditions. The most prevalent is that you must own an ability to maintain a mental balance when remote working from either home or away. With the choice of remote working comes the responsibility to work to your own schedule while ensuring you are up to date on your task list. You must be self-driven, independent, reliable and trustworthy. 

It’s very easy to cast a cloud over internal pressure when communication with the team is either digitally interactive, or via brief video calls. Therefore, it is crucial you approach your days with a healthy wellbeing; nobody from work will be there to support you as they will not see how you are feeling.

So, let’s discuss the small, yet important ways that you can maintain a healthy wellbeing when working remotely!     

Minimise Distractions That Affect Your Remote Workspace 

You need to remove or reduce any white noise or interferences from your workspace in order to maintain a healthy environment, especially as a Dev. As a responsible remote Dev worker, you want your brain to work to its fullest capacity and offer the intricate attention to detail that is demanded of the role. These interferences can be both mental, such as building up a list of chores around the house, or physical, like a crying child who won’t leave you to focus. 

Reach a state of Zen where you can separate your ‘home’ from your ‘home office’. Leave any mental white noise at the door; it won’t help you to reap the most out of your day. Besides, the chores will get done (after all, as a remote worker you have a lot more time in which to complete the ever-bulging list of chores)! 

As for the crying child, the mother who’s desperate to chat, or the dog who just loves a fuss, you need to ensure that there is an unwritten rule where your closed door is symbolic of a no-go zone. Stick on your headphones, get some Japanese windchime background music filling your ears with a sweet tune of relaxation, and crack on. You must be firm in this circumstance. 

Food For Thought; You Are What You Eat!

Opting for the kids’ breakfast of Coco Pops with a fruit juice chaser isn’t going to supply your brain with the slow-burning energy and fibre-rich nutrients you need to mentally function. Oats are the answer. Oats or eggs. 

Overnight oats are revolutionary in the field of low-effort, maximum impact breakfasts. This dish has the capacity to contain the healthy proteins and complex carbs to set your day off on the right foot. Likewise, scrambled or poached eggs on a slice of wholemeal toast is a great way to approach your day when working remotely (the kitchen access while working from home yet another perk over your office-based colleagues). 

Furthermore, it is imperative you keep some decent snacks nearby. The goal is to avoid hunger, so eating little but often can be a huge benefit. Eradicate the distraction of hunger pangs while working remotely. The continual leak of brain energy is only going to serve you in the best way possible and ensure an even mental keel. Humus and peppers are a nice snack. Unsalted cashews or peanuts are amazing for quick energy hits and for containing healthy fats into your diet (make sure you are measuring…). It goes without saying that fruit must be kept within arm’s length to fill the gap between breakfast and elevenses. Keep your brain satiated, and it will be your best friend.  

Stay Hydrated. This doesn’t need a whole section, it’s crucial. Keep a bottle at your side so you can monitor your drinking habits. Two litres a day, make you proud!

Exercise And Meditation To Build That Brain Muscle

As a Dev working from home, you have a massive benefit of more time in the day. Use this to your advantage. Take a morning stroll to breathe some freshness into your system; the first bird always catches the worm. Heck, if you are feeling up to it, why not start a separate challenge for yourself and use the extra time to work up towards a half-marathon, or take up a new yoga routine? Have your body surge with endorphins, feel alive and greet your day with motivation! 

In addition, as a remote worker, you are free of judging eyes and being that awkward office guy. You need feel no shame as you type your fav’ meditation track into YouTube, lower into a comfortable Siddhasana lotus position and lose your mind, body and soul to a moment of complete serenity. Over time, notice how your patience tolerance, your mental wellbeing and your posture evolve and improve; critical for any remote worker to stay mentally fit. 

Embrace Your Inner Kardashian; Maintain A Thriving Social Life

Working from home can become all too consuming when you spend your waking hours in the same four walls. You begin to feel like a fish in a bowl, but remote Dev work shouldn’t be associated with reclusive behavior. It is vital you keep up a busy (and exciting!) social life. Enjoy physical external connections; having conversations with your friends, family or acquaintances (attending new clubs, or going out on a few dates) opens your mind to other ways of thinking. It’s refreshing to hear other people’s voices rather than the recurring tap tap tap of your fingers as they dance across the keyboard of your device. 

Of course, some of us identify as an introvert or ambivert. In which case, ensure you are taking responsible actions to maintain a level of social awareness. Think about attending clubs with people with similar interests as yourself or taking on hobbies that mean you have time outside of the house (such as geocaching or the gym). 

Even a few days ‘at the office’ could provide a helpful solution to feelings of seclusion or isolation. Connect! Stay mentally happy. 

Is A Remote Job The Answer To A Poor Mental Wellbeing? 

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