The Challenges of Remote Working

Nowadays, many people are embracing the choice of working away from the office. The advent of technology makes this possible as people can connect and communicate without being physically present in the same location. Software developers, web designers, web developers, and other IT professionals are chiefs among those opting for remote working.

However, despite the appeal of remote working, there is a wide range of challenges that you will face if you opt to work away from the office. Check out the various challenges below as well as how you can make them beneficial to you.

Time management

Remote working means that you are always in control of your time and, as such, you can be complacent and unaccountable for how you spend your time. As a result of this, you may have a hard time managing time to make the most of your day.

Nevertheless, the challenges with time management can also be to your advantage if you can have a schedule and stick to it. Since you may not have to do a 9-5, you might find that sometimes you overwork to get the job done before the deadline. But, make sure you spend the remaining time on personal development or other personal needs that you may not be able to do if you are working in the office. It's important no matter what your location is to have a work-life balance, get away from the screen for some time. I personally find that when I'm working from home that I get consumed by my work. This does have it's benefits to the company, of course. As I'm more productive, I get more done, but sometimes at the sacrifice to getting breaks which I would normally have in the office. 

Communication with your team

When working remotely, you may sometimes have issues with having good communication with your team members. For instance, if you are into software engineering or web development and require the help of a team member in different time zones, you may be unable to communicate with them at the right time. Of course, such communication barriers can affect your productivity if you are not careful. 

Although remote working can truly be a problem when it comes to communications, you can eliminate this problem by using video calls. Zoom, Skype, Slack, and other apps have been designed to take care of this challenge. With proper organization, you can communicate with others and have a great connection like you would have done in person. We have also seen a lot of companies nowadays who offer a large portion of their workforce to work remotely that they put on "away days". They pay for all of their employees to get together multiple times in the years, this builds relationships and bonds in an environment which can sometimes be lonely. 


When working in an office, you can enjoy some moments of jokes, chitchats, and sharing of drinks and snacks with your coworkers. However, this is impossible when you are working remotely. Over time, this may make you feel lonely.

While loneliness can be a challenge for remote working, having people around you in the office can also be a problem. This is because people can distract you from working; thus, making you lose focus and reducing your productivity.

If you are working remotely, take your time to go out once in a while to have in-person conversations with other people, there are also some great new initiatives offering shared working space for WFH and Remote Working people. Some cafes also offer discounts for regular workers who spend their days drinking coffee and using their wifi. Check out a great platform for finding some shared workspaces in London. 

Loss of morale

Remote working means that you do not get any occasional morale-boosting comments from your coworkers. As a result of this, you may feel unmotivated to work in some instances. It's important to make sure that you stay in touch with your team, have regular calls and in the world of software engineering have come fun with your pull-request review process. We always find it a good laugh to fill your comments up with some emojis 😉. Plus a good Gif doesn't go a miss on Slack! 

Whether you are a web developer, software engineer, freelancer or any other professionals, remote working has its challenges. However, you can turn these challenges to your advantages.

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