Batten Down The Hatches - Remote Working

It's been an unnerving world we are currently living in. The resent pandemic has caused havoc in the world. Financial markets are struggling, stores starting to fail to keep up with demand and panic buying as the world enters a phase of lockdown. But what does this mean for you? 

Well, if you are lucky enough to work in the world of technology you might find that your company has started to push it;'s employees to work from home. We have even heard the news from companies who we're anti remote working changing their policies to protect their employees. Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon have implemented remote working policies for most if not all of their employees around the world. Twitter has even gone as far as to make working from home mandatory for all workers around the world. 

Whilst many of the companies out there have asked their employees in certain parts of the world work from home, Google was one of the first to do so. In a world with fears of COVID-19 and Coronavirus, it has been refreshing to see even the smaller companies supporting their employees and families offering them the flexibility to work from home, care for loved ones and also help protect others. 

As you know already, Stack Chasers are huge advocates of working from home, not only because of focus and productivity but also to aid families. We have seen a recent surge in remote working roles popping up all over the world, from companies we would never expect to see. However, sadly, not all industries can benefit from this style of working. 

CODIS-19 or not, the key to the success of remote working is communication. If you're a business who is new to this way of working it is essential that you let your teams explore the use of good, stable and collaborative communication tools. There are many out there, and some will work more than others with your business's success. Remember, treat remote working as a real job, stay focused and of course get some breaks. 

From all of us here at Stack Chasers, we wish you all good health, stay safe and keep washing those hands.