Accessories Every Remote Dev Worker Needs

Remote working brings a whole new realm of opportunity to the traditional workplace. Where developers were once tied to one singular environment, the concept of remote working allows developers (and freelancers) the option to fulfil their daily tasks in an entirely separate location to ‘the office’. So, how do you enhance the experience of working remotely or from home? You kit yourself with all the latest, purpose-built gadgetry of course!

Saent For Distractions

Working out of the office poses its own challenges, often in the form of distraction. Saent is a tool providing its user with productivity at the touch of a button. You set the timer, and the device blocks your access to websites that would otherwise whisk away your attention during the time you want to be getting your head down. 

Saent also reminds the remote worker to take those all-important breaks from the screen, while also automatically logging time. And best of all, it slips right into your pocket! This is a handy attribute for those who choose to travel and work remotely.  

Ergonomic Portable Desktop Stand For Posture

As anyone who has experienced the chronic neck, back and shoulder irritation caused by an unsuitable desk will know, the addition of a portable desktop stand is imperative. Whether you are a remote developer or working from home, you will need to create makeshift desks frequently. Therefore, having a portable desktop stand (like this one) in your arsenal will keep you upbeat and comfortable. Simply unfold and go.  

Seeing Double Via Google Chromecast

It is not an unnecessary requirement to need access to two screens, especially for remote developers who need as much visual space as possible. However, carrying around two screens is unlikely. Instead, turn a TV into your second screen! Google Chromecast is inexpensive, tiny and straight-forward. It gives you access to the second screen you need and can be utilised in extensive contexts, from working from home hotel rooms, empty communal areas, your mate’s place… the only requirement is a TV.  

Power Up

It seems obvious, but there are two vital components you need especially as a remote developer who enjoys travelling as they work. First is a universal plug; you never know which country you may need to visit at the drop of a hat! Many of the best options, such as CleverTrips™ Universal Travel Power Adapter, can be found on Amazon. In addition, whether you are likely to be jet setting on the regular or prefer working from home, portability is key. So, consider a USB hub; have all your hardware both charging and connected simultaneously from your laptop’s single USB port.   

Wireless Hard Drive

Adding to the list of electrical gadgets that every remote developer needs is a wireless hard drive. There are a few options on the market, but few rival the WD My Passport 2TB Wireless Hard Drive. This device should be somewhere near the top of every remote worker’s list; despite its tiny size, the WD My Passport is able to connect seamlessly to up to eight different devices. It will back up your files at the touch of a button. When it comes to cross-device fluidity, the WD My Passport is the ultimate companion. What’s more, it has an in-built power bank. 

Advanced Video Communication 

As a large portion of your remote working will take place digitally, having access to a comprehensive communication device is imperative. This is particularly true for remote workers abroad who desire the sense of human connection with family and friends as well as with co-workers and clients. Alongside decent Wi-Fi, remote workers will want access to a high-quality webcam that produces a more HD image of the people they want to see.

In addition, this is an essential gadget for remote creatives, streamers, vloggers and YouTube enthusiasts who make their income this way. Depending on budget, you can get a more than adequate webcam under £100 (such as Logitech C922 Pro Stream). 

Inflatable Pillow

You might be a travelling remote developer meaningfully approaching your work schedule in a separate time zone to your client/employer, whereby a few minutes shut eye are obligatory. Alternatively, you might be working from home, but happen to be a big fan of cat naps at the desk – either way, an inflatable pillow is an absolute. As a remote worker juggling multiple client requests and touring all over the place, you want to jump at any opportunity of sleep. A good quality inflatable pillow (such as these) will give you a decent chance at some slumber no matter where you’re sitting or where you’re going!  

A Trusty Bag 

The final accompaniment that will make transporting all your awesome devices around a breeze, is a laptop backpack. Depending on your requirements, there are plenty of choices. Our particular favourite is the Samsonite Bleisure Overnight Laptop Backpack 15.6", which accomplishes everything from sturdy device storage to space for luggage. This is a fab option for those who are cool with investing a bit more for a bag that is compact, practical, stylish and rugged, such as for mid-week trips or casual commutes (when the situation calls for it). However if you are searching for something a bit more robust against intercontinental journeys, we suggest The North Face Base Camp Fuse Box, with 30 litres of rugged and protective storage. Also, it’s super cool.

Alternatively, there are hundreds of options online that overcome personal needs (such as the need for weather-proof cover), loads of styles, and a huge scope of prices. 

Amazon Prime

I would be lost without Amazon Prime,

It goes without saying, for such a small fee, having anything you want delivered within 24 hours - sometimes even on the same day within hours is a godsend. As a remote software engineer, it has been a lifesaver. Broken hardware, simple returns process and the fact they pretty much delivery anywhere! 

What's more, they offer a 30 day trial. This is one subscription I don't think I could live without. Whether you're somewhere remote, or even in a city it has always been a great place to go to get competitive pricing on hardware, software and even groceries. 

The Perfect Remote Role

Once you are kitted out with all the best equipment for accomplishing remote working with ease, all that’s left is discovering the perfect vacancy you crave! Stack Chasers is a site devoted to helping you find your perfect remote role. We update our job listings the moment a new opportunity comes in. Unlike alternative job sites, we offer chat in real time. Stack Chasers was born from the need of more access to remote working roles in the field of developing. Click here to see the vacancies available to you now!